About Us

The Crestmoor Park Homes (2nd Filing) Homes Association includes the residences in the area west of Monaco Street Parkway, North of Bayaud Avenue, East of Holly Street, and generally south of Third Avenue in Denver, Colorado. 

To learn more email info@crestmoorparktwo.org

Board of Directors

John Sadwith President johns@ctlanet.org John Simonet Vice President jmsimonet@comcast.net
Robert Brown Secretary rbrown@sah.com
Jason Hill Treasurer hill@soundadvice.jobs
Tom Deline ARC Chair tcdeline@hotmail.com
Stuart Gottesfeld Director sagottesfeld@aol.com
Chris Penney Director cpenney14@gmail.com
Lila Laux Director lilaflaux@gmail.com
John Derungs Director john.derungs@avcvalue.com